Erawan waterfall

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Erawan waterfall

Welcome back!^_^

       Today, we will take you to Erawan waterfall. The most beautiful waterfall in Kanchanaburi. Before we are getting start, we would like to suggest you that you should wear sport shoes while you visit Erawan waterfall because some part is slippery and difficlut to walk. If you are planning to swim, don't forget to take towels and fitflop shoes with you.

       Things that can't enter to Erawan waterfall will be food and drink but don't worry! All shop will be available outside.

        Erawan waterfall will be open at 8.00 AM to 4.00 PM Entrance fee is 300 baht/person.

How to get there

By bus 50 baht/person start 8.00 AM - 4.00 PM.

        Bus no. 8170 Blue color with no-air condition. There will be a big sign in front "Erawan" which leaves from Kanchanaburi bus station. Bus leaves every 50 minute, and take 1.30 hours. 2 options for guest that stay at Kanchanaburi City Hotel.

       1. You can take the bus from the main road. Walking to Sangchuto Rd. (860 m.) and wave your hand when you see the bus. Bus will stop and pick you up.

       2. Going to the bus station which is 5 km. far away by tuk tuk or non-air condition taxi.

By car 1 hour driving

       Follow road number 3199 to Srinakarin dam.

        Erawan waterfall is huge waterfall and located near Kwai yai River, Sri sawad district, Kanchanaburi. 65 km from the city. Old name "Sa-Dong-Mong-Lai" same as creek's name which water started from the top of moutain, cover with lots of trees.

You maybe take time in waterfall at least 3 hours.

First floor name "Lai-Kuen-Lang". This floor has lots of fishes. These kind of fishes can't eat because they ate some poison tree and furit. We can swim with fishes no problem. Poison is in thier body.

Second floor name " Wang-Mat-cha"

Third floor name " Pha-Nam-tok"

Forth floor name "Oak-Pea-Sue" Its look like this huge lady from the Ramakien story. ^_^

Fifth floor name" Buea-Mai-Long"

Sixth floor name" Dong-Pluek-Sa" because lots of flowers in this floor.

Seventh floor "Phu-pha-Erawan"

       Erawan means the elephant that has 3 heads. So you have to imagine when you go up to the top. ^_^


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