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Thung Yai Naresuan Wildlife Sanctuary

Distance : 767 km.

The Oumphang district in Tak Province. It has an area of 2,279,500 rai or 3,647 square kilometers.

ThungyaiNaraesuanWildlife Sanctuary is a complex mountainous terrain and it is the source of important rivers and streams, for example KhwaeNoi and KhwaeYai Rivers. Altitudes range from 800 to 1200 meters above sea level. Kao Yai is the highest peak in ThungyaiNaraesuanWildlife Sanctuary, which stands 1,800 meters above sea levelorigin of the name ‘ThungyaiNaresuan’ comes from the time when King Naraesuan of Ayutthaya Kingdom used this place as armed camp for the preparation of war against Myanmar in 1590 and 1605. It means large grassland of King Naraesuan. Savannah grassland areas have no living beings. The mountainous areas with forests are not good for plantation, and the area is still malaria-infested, which is why the area has not been disturbed by humans and is kept under its natural condition. Animals in South East Asia, rare wildlife and preserved wildlife, such as, sumatran, serow, tapir and wild buffaloes, can be seen here. There are reports on them and traces that can be discovered in various places as well. Other preserved animals that are living in this wildlife sanctuary are wild elephants, bison, banteng, deer, muntjac, several kinds of tigers, bear, colobinae, sunda flying lemur, gibbon, sunda slow loris, several kinds of monkeys, black giant squirrel, viverridae

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