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Sai Yok National Park

Distance : 97.8 km.

This 300-square-kilometer national park is best known for the family of Sai Yok Waterfalls (Namtok Sai Yok); three picturesque waterfalls located in the park. Namtok Sai  Yok was first widely known among Thais when King Rama V visited them in 1888 during his reign that inspired Prince Naris,

his brother, to compose a song named Kamen Sai  Yok that narrates the beauty of this waterfall. Apart from being a home to numerous wild animals, such as squirrels, bats, deer, and birds, it is also home to the world’s smallest mammal, the two-grammed Kittis Hog-nosed Bat, which was first discovered in 1973. The park is very popular during the weekends. Bungalow accommodations, river rafts, camping facilities, and a daytime food market are available. Other attractions include Lawa and Dao Wa Dung caves that feature beautiful stalactites and stalactites as well as the nearby Tham Wang Badan or Tham Sawan Wang Badan. The park and its waterfalls is popular among weekenders as it is close to the Nam Tok Railway station you can easily access by train and continue on foot.

Admission: 300 baht for adults, 200 baht for children
Contact:Sai Yok National Park 0 3468 6024, 034 516163

Getting there: The park is 104 kilometers from Kanchanaburi via Highway No. 323. Non air-conditioned buses leave Kanchanaburi Bus Station every 30 minutes during 6.00 a.m.-6.30 p.m. The journey takes 2 hours and costs 25 baht. Alternatively, visitors can take a train from Kanchanaburi to Namtok Station and continue on foot or by local transport to the waterfall, which is 2 kilometers away. Trains depart from Kanchanaburi at 6.11 a.m., 11 a.m. and 4.37 p.m. and return from Namtok Station at 5.25 a.m. 1 p.m. and 3.15 p.m. The one-way rail trip takes about 2 hours and costs 17 baht. 

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